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Have you got UM/UIM?

Have you got UM/UIM? What you don't know can hurt you!

Auto accident on local highway, leaves family of 4 in serious condition. A student walking to school is hit by a texting driver. These types of accidents happen every day across the country. You are involved in an accident and your family is seriously hurt. The driver that caused the accident doesn't have insurance. You have insurance and want to be compensated for your injuries. What happens now? NOTHING
Unless you have an Uninsured Motorist Clause with your auto policy. So, what is UM/UIM? In simple terms, UM/UIM is insurance coverage that pays for your injuries in an auto accident caused by the owner/operator of an uninsured or underinsured vehicle. The term underinsured comes into play when at fault driver coverage is exhausted and was not enough to cover the cost of your injuries. The IRC (Insurance Research Council) estimates that 1 in 7 drivers are uninsured. Couple that fact with the number of drivers that only carry the state minimum auto limits, and that makes you wonder why we would want to drive at all. Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a wise move. With so many drivers either uninsured or underinsured it is very likely that if you're involved in an accident one of the above drivers would not be able to compensate you for your damages and losses. In 2012, uninsured drivers cost Americans approximately $11 billion in damages.
Know your auto policy. Know what coverage you have and what the limits are. The cheapest policy may not be the best policy and could cost you thousands of dollars in the end. Give us a call or visit our website ( to learn more about auto coverage. Knowing a little more about UM/UIM, might be a great investment!