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Questions about Insurance

Most of us when we start looking at our insurance policies, (whether it be home, auto, life or some other policy) have numerous questions. What do the terms mean? We don't deal with these terms on a day to day basis, so the meanings are unclear. All professions, (education, medicine, military, or insurance) use a lot of terms that are unclear to people outside of that profession. As a former educator, part of what I want to do with our website is to help people understand some of the confusing terms in the insurance busines and help our customers understand their policies and how they are covered when unexpected things happen.

On our under the "Resources" tab you will find 3 very useful llinks (1) Glossary, (2) Helpful Links, (3) Trusted Choice News Feed. These 3 links will be very helpful in finding answers to your insurance questions. If all else fails, give me a call. I may not know the answer, but I will find someone who does.